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When you live a life that involves travelling around from place to place, one of the biggest challenges is how and when to get your training in. This isn’t a problem if you’re a calisthenics God, however if like me you are just a mere mortal that can’t even hold a basic handstand, you will need more than just a push up and squat in your arsenal to make significant changes to your ski-snowboard fitness & overall health. Whilst there are some good bodyweight exercises that require zero equipment, a few of these items will open up a great many exercises you’ll be able to do without the need for a gym or other expensive machinery. The items I’m about to talk about are readily available at low cost. They are also items I use personally, so whilst there are new fancy pieces of kit coming out constantly, these are the ones I can speak about fully. So in no particular order;

Resistance Bands

They come in many shapes and offer different levels of resistance, some come with handles, while others are looped. In my opinion the standard loop bands are the most versatile and easiest to take anywhere with you. As some muscles in your body are stronger than others I’d recommend buying a couple of bands with varying levels of resistance. Buying a really strong band might be great for loaded bicep curls, but then might be too difficult for your shoulder exercises. You can fit them into your rucksack or pop them in with your skis/board bag. If your hotel room is all you have in the resort you can use these bands to add resistance to exercises like squats, or loop them around a fixed point in the room to do something like a row. You’ll never be sorry for having this piece of kit as they can also be used to aid rehab exercises, as well as mobility drills. Getting hold of them is easy enough, sold at most sports shops and always available online at good prices. Speaking of prices you can pick up a single band on amazon for £7 and a set of 4 for £30 and this is just one quick example from a Google search. I personally bought mine from my local Decathlon and use them in many of my home workouts and whilst abroad.

Glute Bands / Aka Booty Bands

Even if you have resistance bands it’s worth having these as well. There are just certain exercises you can’t do with such long bands without doubling them up and making the exercises too tough to complete with any form. As with standard resistance bands they come in many strengths and varying materials. Because they are shorter they take up next to no room and you can fit an entire pack of them into your pocket, so there is no reason not to take them with you everywhere you go. Now as the name suggests they are great for lower body exercises, particularly the glutes, but did you know they can be used to create resistance in multiple planes in shoulder exercises. Very few fitness modals show them for anything other than booty building tools. Don’t underestimate the versatility of these great pieces of kit and blokes don’t be put off by the name or marketing focus. As before glute bands can be used in strength training, mobility work and are available to buy in stores and online. Depending on quantity and quality you will be looking at an investment of £6 and up.

Floor Sliders

They seem like simple bits of kit, but they will unlock more exercises to you that can up the intensity of your workouts and provide transformational results. They can be used for beginners to try new workouts and also for more advanced trainees to intensify their existing ones. They usually vary in shapes and colours, but most of them will have a smooth side you can use on rugs/carpets and a padded side for laminate flooring. When you buy them they will usually come with a travel case and are again small enough to throw in your rucksack next to your resistance bands. For snowsports training I use them mainly for lower body exercises such as; hamstring gliders and hip adductions, though they are super useful for training your lats without a pull up bar or lat pull down machine. Get creative and you’ll find many ways to use floor sliders. I bought mine in Decathlon along with my resistance bands and cost me less than £5, online it looks like you can pick them up from around £6-£7 or so.

A Ball / Weighted Ball

With so many to choose from it makes sense for me to narrow it down a bit for you. A football or football sized medicine ball would be ideal and each have benefits. A ball is going to be great to have for core workouts, using it to create instability or as a weight to move about to increase the intensity of an exercises. Both will be easy enough to take around with you when travelling, but it may not fit into the rucksack with your bands and floor sliders. Skiers and boarders you can use them to practise your balance in small spaces, footballers you can practise kick up drills, everyone else try not to destroy your living room or hotel room when you get bored. If you opt for buying a football they are cheap (a few pounds), can be found pretty much anywhere and have many other uses. If you decide to get yourself a med ball don’t panic they aren’t expensive either (£8+), can be bought online and are great if you want to make strength gains in your exercises. If you are struggling to decide which kind of ball to buy my advice would be to plan out your workouts, what exercises you’ll be doing frequently and pick whichever will help you achieve your goals.

With this equipment you’ll no longer have to worry about reducing your training down to one or two exercises, you can keep the variety and high level of intensity. Theres no excuses for not training before, during, or after your ski season or holiday now either. If you’d like some tutorials or examples of exercises you can do with this kit you can head over to the Snowpro Fitness instagram or facebook page, videos are going up frequently to show great exercises to get you into the best shape for skiing and snowboarding.

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