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For many sports there are clear, obvious ways to train. If you want to become a sprinter or long distance runner you go out running, otherwise you can use a treadmill. It’s the same with cycling and even rowing. These sports and many others have equipment designed specifically for them so you can train flexibly at all times. When it comes to skiing and snowboarding it’s a bit trickier. You could go on holiday, but even with the cheaper package options it’s still expensive. You could use dry slopes and indoor ski centres, again there are limitations with price, flexibility and authenticity. Any training for these winter sports feels like it’s ‘the best we can do’ to try and replicate the movements and techniques we perform when out on the slopes. Skiers and snowboarders who are also personal trainers will put together routines that compliment their sport, but it doesn’t always translate well for your average holiday goer. Enter the Woodway Carver.


The Woodway Carver was invented by olympic skier Tim Dudgeon and is a three-way collaboration from Tim, Woodway and Playko Games. It’s a machine that allows you to carve on both skis and boards to improve your skills at the same time as getting a functional workout. I had the opportunity to go to Third Space in London to meet Tim and try out the Woodway Carver for myself.
The Carver is housed in a hypoxic chamber that simulates an altitude of 3000m above sea level and makes you feel like you are in that mountain environment. Tim then talked me through the equipment and gave me a quick demonstration before inviting me to get on and have a go.

Despite being a boarder I jumped on to the skis first. The bindings were simple and easy to get into, they had only one strap, but felt very secure. Once I was trapped in I put the emergency stop band onto my wrist and got into my skiing stance ready to begin. I felt strange at first, very aware that I was in a gym, as soon as I was comfortable and began to turn I was amazed at how real it felt. Tim took me through the interactive workout that you follow along watching the screen in front of you. I started out easy with squats whilst going straight before moving onto short radius turning. As I got used to the Carver the speed and steepness of the decline was increased. The skis were really responsive to my movements and I really felt like I was on the mountain working out over mogul terrain. The focus was on fitness which I definitely felt as I got off, but there is no doubt that my technique had improved during the short session.

Sure enough after that I had to try out the snowboard. There were no bindings on the snowboard, you simply stand on it like you would a skateboard in your snowboarding stance. Once again Tim started up the Carver and talked me through the exercises for the snowboard. I got an instant feel for it and was impressed by the responsiveness from the board. It felt so authentic which made me feel right at home as I would when I’m on the slopes. Being a snowboarder myself I wanted to push the Carver to the limit to see how fun it could be and what I could get from it compared to actually going snowboarding. It was fantastic switching between short radius and wider carved turns. Looking at it as an instructor, a snowboarder and a fitness enthusiast I can’t fault it. The Woodway Carver is useful for improving different technical aspects of your riding, it’s great fun and you get one hell of a workout from them. I would certainly love to see more of them around so they are more accessible to Skiers, boarders and anyone else who would like a new fun way to get fit.

The Woodway Carver was officially launched in March this year and has featured in Men’s Health Magazine, as well as the spring 2019 issue of BASI News. In the meantime if you want to experience the Woodway Carver you’ll have to join Third Space City gym in London. You can learn more about the Woodway Carver by visiting their website Woodwaycarver.com, on Facebook and Instagram @woodwaycarver.


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